Album no: 1340a

Parody: spice and wolf

Character: Holo

Holo (ホロ, Horo) is the deuteragonist of Spice and Wolf. She is a nonhuman, a wolf spirit that lives in the wheat. Originally from Yoitsu, Holo traveled south eventually arriving at Pasloe where she settled down as the village's wheat goddess. After centuries of watching over Pasloe, she escaped from the field she had been living in by inhabiting the wheat on a merchant's cart. She joined the merchant, Kraft Lawrence, on his travels thereafter. When they decided to settle down, they picked Nyohhira where they opened the Spice and Wolf bathhouse before marrying. Holo operates the bathhouse alongside Lawrence. After their daughter, Myuri, sneakily joined Tote Col on his travels, Holo and Lawrence began traveling again.

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