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Ryuu Lion - Danmachi

Ryuu Lion - Danmachi

Album no: 1420a

Parody: Danmachi

Character: Ryuu Lion

About Ryuu

Ryuu Lion (リュー・リオン) is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility. A former adventurer of the Astraea Familia, she stayed retired for five years until the aftermath of the Great Faction War. She is currently a first-tier adventurer and a member of the Hestia Familia under the registered name Ryuu Astraea (リュー・アストレア). She is the reincarnation of one of the three great poets, Ryuulu. Ryuu is a female Elf with sky blue eyes and green hair. Her hair was originally golden-blonde until it was dyed green by the other employees of the Hostess of Fertility. After the War Game against the Freya Familia, Ryuu's hair has returned to its original length and color. She is mentioned to be extremely beautiful with skin as white as snow, causing her to be referred to as a fairy on several occasions, and even making Bell wonder if he had wandered into a fairy tale when he inadvertently saw her bathing. Ryuu is often seen in a green maid outfit with a white frilled headband, matching white apron, and a pair of brown boots over black leggings. Her adventuring attire includes a green flower-shaped hood, a white sleeveless top underneath, and green bloomers (shorts in manga). She also wears a pair of long, brown gloves and boots with a white sash around her waist where she keeps her wooden sword and a pair of short swords. When keeping her identity a secret, she covers her nose and mouth with a green mask.

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